Florida Fair Elections Coalition

Fighting for Fair, Transparent, Secure, Accessible, and Verifiable Elections Throughout Florida

Central Florida Shuttle - We Get Around Florida!Since the United States presidential election of 2000 when George Bush became president, there have been many initiatives in Florida to help voters have more access to information about candidates and ensure transparent and verifiable elections throughout the state. Florida is a major swing state in presidential elections and political parties spend a lot of money courting voters in the Sunshine State.

Florida was the focus of activists who felt that many voters in the state suffered disenfranchisement in the 2000 election. The state mistakenly removed the names of thousands of citizens from voting rolls who were erroneously identified as felons. Advocacy groups helped these citizens clear their names so they could vote.

The groups also help to shed light on the state’s absentee ballot laws in order to make sure that those who choose this method to vote do it in the correct way.

Groups who fight for fair elections throughout Florida collaborate in coalitions to lobby the state government for bills to make the voting process more transparent and less prone to the problems that hampered the 2000 presidential election.

These groups meet with politicians in Tallahassee and representatives from around the state to present their ideas and agenda for creating a better voting process for citizens.

Some groups also work within local communities to organize voter registration and education initiatives so citizens know the election laws and are aware of their rights. The groups canvass neighborhoods with voter education materials and hold community meetings for residents to get their questions answered about the voting process.

Voter advocacy groups also help senior citizens who may need assistance learning about candidates and getting transportation to their local polling place. This insures that the elderly have access to voting and helps to create the atmosphere of secure and fair elections throughout the state.

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Check out this great view from one of the many beaches here in FloridaMy family moved to Florida when I was six years old, and I have lived year ever since. Florida is my home, and I really cannot imagine ever leaving. There are a lot of great things about Florida: the weather most of the time, the sun, the people and the local state attractions i.e. Disneyworld etc. One negative thing about Florida is the problem with voting irregularities.

It is absolutely ridiculous to think that in this day and age somehow the state of Florida is seemingly unable to count votes effectively. It is just maddenning to think about. With the presidential election rapidly appraching (I can’t believe that 2012 is here already) it is absolutely critical that we the people of Florida gather together to ensure that every last vote is counted. continue reading…

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